Thursday, 28 May 2015

Back to school - Letter U

Continuing on with our letter of the week crafts, we have come to the letter U. That's 21/26 letters done. I can't believe it. I'm gona miss this when we get to the end!

Uh for Umbrella

Quite a few umbrella related crafts this week. We started with an attempt at paper mâché. We did the paper mâché part at a friends house, by layering newspaper dipped in pva glue over a small blown up balloon. Will enjoyed doing this but it did get quite messy! Once it was dry we peeled it off the balloon and painted it, then added a wooden skewer as a handle. I must admit, it didn't look much like an umbrella. I kind of feel it's not even worthy of posting the picture. Haha. But there you go, working with kids goes like that sometimes!

Our next activity was a lot more successful. I supplied William with a piece of kitchen towel and some felt pens to colour in an umbrella. I helped him a bit by drawing different patterns and making sure there was lots of colour on it. When it was done I gave William an old spray bottle to spray it with water. This made all the colours bleed and b,end together creating a nice effect. William loved spraying the water on it. (Then proceeded to find other things to spray like the toilet, bath and a plant.)

To present the umbrella picture, William used a sponge to paint the background of the paper blue. After I cut the u bells out, he stuck it on the paper and added some cotton wool clouds.

To make it a bit more educational, I quickly cut out some rain drop shapes from blue paper and numbered them one to ten. I then gave them to William and asked him to glue them onto the page in the right order. We do this kind of activity a lot and I really think it's helping William to recognise numbers and the order they go in.

One of our books from the library this week was "The Thingamabob" by Il Sung Na. It was a cute little book and went well with our umbrella theme.

After the disaster of an umbrella made out of paper mâché, we tried a different technique this time. William really likes using washi tapes, just pulling them and cutting them. I drew William a big circle onto some paper and let him cut and stick washi tapes across it. It's sticky business so he needed a little help at times. When he had filled the whole circle I cut it out, shaped it so it looked more like an umbrella and stuck a straw to it to use as a handle. A bit flimsy and I'm pretty sure won't stand up to much in the actual rain, but fun none the less!


Ugly doll

As I love seeing and have done it in one form or another as a job and hobbies for years, I like to impart my love of handmade things into William too. So every now and then I try to include seeing activities,weaving or the use of textiles. It was actually the husband who suggested this activity for us to do together, creating an ugly doll. It was fun to do and quite easy. If you do not have a sewing machine you can always sew it by hand.

I drew a shape for the doll onto some felt, making sure it had two layers, for front and back. I let William try and cut out some shapes out of other coloured felt to use as features for our dinosaur / dragon / ugly doll. Some needed a little modifying by myself so they actually resembled eyes and teeth. He glued them on using some pva glue. I sewed around the edge of the shape I had drawn, leaving a gap to stuff him which is weed up by hand later.

William loves using scissors and so was very happy to sit and cut shapes out of felt for a while. The end result was a little weird, but we had fun making it. If you are not particularly handy with a needle, maybe just make ones out of paper, or flat versions you don't need to sew.

So that's a it, another week done, another week closer to William starting school. Join us again soon for our next letter of the week!


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