Saturday, 30 May 2015

Crochet rainbow unicorn

Kind of fitting to post this TA-DA moment following from Williams letter U week... I had a special commission from a lady here in Dubai. Randomly posting on Facebook asking if anyone could make her a crochet unicorn plushie... Naturally I jumped at the chance!

I've seen similar plushies and toys before online and straight away I got excited about this one! So off I went to Pinterest, found a pattern and got hooking! I had to adapt the pattern a bit to make it more like the image the lady sent me and I think it looks so cute!

I love the brightly coloured twirly, twisted mane and tail. They were great fun to make, and really stand out against the Snow White body of the unicorn. I feel he looks a little sad at the moment, so hopefully once he reaches his new home he will be happy, loved and treasured!

If you are interested in a unique, custom handmade gift, check out my Sharky Knows Facebook page or send me a message!

I've got quite a few orders for blankets on the go too, so will pop back and show you them soon!

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