Thursday, 4 June 2015

Back to school - Letter V

Welcome to our letter of the week series. This week we are on the letter V.

Making V's

We kicked the week off with a simple activity, using different materials to make a V shape. I drew William a big bold V on a piece of paper and gave him different things to fill it with. He tried pom-poms, pipe cleaners, cars and building blocks to make the shape. The building blocks were good as you could build them higher too and join them together. If you don't have much time to sort something out, this is so quick yet keeps little ones busy for a while! Just send them on a search for other things to use!

An obvious choice for V week. We started by trying to use the building blocks to make a volcano shape. Then we moved onto this crafty picture. I cut the black shapes out of paper for the base of the volcano, gave William the pieces to glue down, and made a V with some Popsicle sticks. He used some squirty paint bottles to add lava. These paints were a present from a friend of ours, from idea and William absolutely loves them. He just loves squirting and oozing the paint out! He would do that for hours! I also made him up a spray bottle with watered down red paint so he could spray it onto the paper. He enjoyed doing this and decided he needed to spray more paper was supplied!
I really wanted to show William how to make your own erupting volcano but we didn't have any bicarbonate of soda and I can't seem to find it anywhere in Dubai! So I might save this for something to do at grandmas house over the summer!
Valentine's hearts
Again, this is a really simple, quick activity to put together. As we were looking for things to do with the letter V, I chose a Valentine's heart shape to make a puzzle out of. I drew the heart and wrote inside it Williams name. I then cut out the name in strips so each letter was on a different strip. Then William could piece the heart back together by spelling his name. I thought this was a great way of him learning the sequence of the letters in his name and he had a great time doing it. He did it again and again and again! Even though they are just made out of paper, I've popped the pieces in a little bag so he can use them again another time. I may even pop them in his bag for plane journeys to keep him busy!
The puzzle doesn't have to be heart shaped, make it into whatever you want! Or if your child is older, you could use this to learn spellings for any words, or number sequences, times tables etc.
Valentine's Violets
Sticking with the Valentine's theme, William has made some Violets. These flowers were made using his hands. Firstly I gave William some paint and paper to do some hand prints with. This can be a little messy but super fun! If you don't fancy clearing up painted hands, skip that and just draw around them instead. Cut out the hand shapes and tape them onto the top of a straw or pipe cleaner. We tied a ribbon around our straws to keep them together, and sent a picture of them to Williams Aunty for her birthday. (We live in Dubai, Aunty lives in England, so we couldn't send them, a picture had to do! But she still loved them!)

So there we go, another week wrapped up. We had great fun doing these activities and I am sure we will do them again sometime. No disasters, and fairly quick and easy to put together! Do let me know if you have a go yourselves! I would love to share your photos!

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  1. I love this idea! I'm never very inspired at coming up with craft ideas but I love this as something simple and a good way to help my daughter learn her letters (she's pretty good, I think, for a two-year-old but trying to get across the concept C isn't only for car but can be cat, coat etc...!)


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