Thursday, 11 June 2015

Back to school - Letter W

We are Whizzing through the alphabet now, so close to the end! Just three weeks left! Yikes!
So here is our crafty activities for the letter W. I do hope you find some inspiration for things to do with your little ones! And as always, I'd love to see them so please comment below!
Wonderful Windmills
I saw this windmill idea on Pinterest. Easy to do, just cut up some paper and write your little ones name on it. I gave them to William all muddled up and encouraged him to arrange the letters in the right order.
We then made a similar one for his Grandma, this time turning it into a hot air balloon. This will be going in a folder to take to grandma in the UK soon.
The seasons is a bit hard for William to grasp at the moment, because here in Dubai, it's basically summer all the time! We don't really change our choice of clothes, just shorts and shirts all year round and we don't get any snow or April showers!
So I helped William to make this picture about the four different seasons. We talked about the differences, what happens to the trees mainly and what clothes you may wear. I also told him in which season events happened, like Halloween, Christmas, Easter, bonfire night and our birthdays. I explained that winter was when we visited England for Christmas and it was cold and dark and we had to wrap up warm. I found a couple of clips on you tube for him to watch too.
We began by dividing the page into four, then used wax crayons to draw trees and other things associated with each season. Williams task was to colour the trees in, with different stages of coloured leaves.
When he was finished, he washed over each square with some watery paint in a colour that represented each season, creating a wax resist effect. It was really cool. I love using different media with William.


Continuing with our weather theme, I dug out this fake snow from the cupboard. You can find it online or in toy stores. It makes for a great sensory material. Once you add water to the powder, it fluffs up, turning into a squishy, soft snow. William dug around in it for a while, spooning it from one bowl to another.
I then patted it out onto a plate and gave him something to make marks in it with. We then tried to write some letters in the snow. If you don't have this fake snow stuff, you can easily do it with flour, salt, sugar or shaving cream.



Windy wind sock
We also made this cool Wind sock. I think this may be one of Williams favourite activities from this week. We used an old cardboard toilet tube and William painted it some nice blue and white colours. While he was doing this, I cut out some little snow flakes, clouds and lightening bolts out of paper for him to glue on once the paint was dry.


I poked some holes along one bottom edge of the cardboard, so that William could thread through some ribbons. We used wrapping paper ribbons but you can use anything that will move in the wind. I tied them into the holes for him and voila! I pegged it onto the railings on our balcony outside so that we could watch it each day to see how windy it was! William loves checking it!


Wriggly Worm
Another name spelling activity, a cute Wriggly William Worm! I found these heart shaped polystyrene packing material at a pound shop here in Dubai (Daiso, and technically I suppose I should call it the 7 dirham shop). I helped William to colour in a background for our worm, then gave him the shapes to glue on in the right order. Finished off with good old googley eyes!


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