Thursday, 18 June 2015

Back to school - Letter X

Each week William and I have been doing crafty activities based on each letter of the alphabet. Hmmm.... X has been a bit of a tricky letter! So a bit of a shorter post this week... But still lots of fun!

X for X-ray!

William has sadly had quite a few x Rays in his short life already! Last year around Easter time when he was two and a half, he broke his femur. It was a horrible time for us all, especially him obviously. But a year on and you wouldn't know he had broken his leg to badly!

So the notion of x rays came easily to William. He did not enjoy them in hospital, dark and large scary machines. But this one was a lot more fun! We rolled out a long piece of paper (we bought the roll from idea, but a cheap roll of lining wall paper would do nicely!) and I got William to lie down still while I drew around him. This prompted many giggles as he said it was tickly! We then pulled up a picture of a skeleton on the iPads that we could copy the different bones and draw them into his body shape.



Most of the time I drew a basic shape for him to copy over. He thought this was brilliant and really enjoyed drawing them all in. For each bone we had to stop and feel our own, pressing our legs and shoulders to find the bones.
I also wrote the names of the bones down onto some colours paper for William to glue on in the right place. I'm sure some of these went in one ear and out the other but he does remember most of them. He often now tells me he has a skull in his head!
This would be a great way of learning or revising the organs in the body too. We did have a quick go at this with some coloured paper shapes for organs but I don't think William got it. Still a bit young really.
What a weird word! Probably very confusing for little ones learning the letter x as it sounds nothing like it! But, I struggled to find other x things to do, so here is our xylophone.
As you can see, I cut out different coloured paper and numbered them for William to glue on in order. He is pretty good at this now although he sometimes gets 8 and 9 the wrong way round.
Obviously if you have a xylophone you could play around making music! Or if you are really crafty and adventurous, make your own proper one out of wood.
So there you have it, a bit of a short one this week but I hope your little ones enjoy making their body and skeleton pictures!


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