Thursday, 25 June 2015

Back to school - Letter Y

Welcome back to letter of the week. It's the turn of the letter Y. I'll be honest with you, we've been so busy getting ready to go back to the UK for the summer, visiting friends, packing, washing, swimming and finishing crochet orders that we haven't done many activities for Y week. It's another funny old letter so we couldn't think of much to do either. But here they are non the less...
There is not a shortage of yarn in our house. The sofa has been covered in the stuff for the last month with crochet orders on the go. So while I tried to sneak a few minutes of crochet in, William was kept busy with this yarn weaving/sewing activity. You can obviously do this with whatever shapes you like, but we chose the letter Y.
I used a hole punch to make the holes in a piece of card. You can also create a similar effect by simply wrapping the yarn around the letter instead. I've seen some really nice yarn letters on Pinterest, worthy of hanging up to decorate little ones rooms.
Letter collage
Can you tell I was scraping the bottom of the barrel, or craft cupboard, for this one. You may recognise a yarn letter Y and a YoYo in there! I did vow to show you all the things we do, even if they do look a little rubbish. Some days this is the extent of craft activities you can accomplish, and shouldn't be ashamed that it's not a master piece! It still prompted discussions about what things begin with Y and William still learnt the shape of the letter!


Activity books
We have tons of colouring, sticker and activity books for William. They come in so handy to keep him busy when you need some quiet time, or if you want to sit down and do something together. I keep one in my handbag at all times, along with a handful of crayons so that we can get it out if he gets restless at restaurants or while out and about. With the weather being so hot here at the moment, they have come in handy to keep him busy inside.
When grandma Linda came a few months ago she brought two activity books with her for William, an English one and maths one. When we've been struggling for letter crafts to do or I don't have time to sit down and do them with him, Williams been plugging away at this book. I've been through it a few times with him so now he asks for it and will sit quietly joining matching items and colouring pictures.
We used these Leap Ahead maths basics and English basic, age 3-4. The links will take you to Amazon although I'm sure you can get them from other shops and to be honest, any other books like them will be great! We will be taking some with us on the plane for our trip back to UK.


Enjoy your crafts and pottering this week! One week left of our alphabet series!

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