Friday, 19 June 2015

Quick and easy Father's Day ideas

So the UK Father's Day is this Sunday. I thought I would show a few of the things William and I have made for his dad. They are all pretty quick to do and very easy! (Husband, if you are reading this... Don't! And just in case you are... all these things are super hard and take ages to do so you better appreciate them!)

You're Grrrrrrreat!

Love this idea for a card or just a picture. William drew a circle for the lions face, then used a fork to paint the lions mane.


Williams dad (and grandad) love playing golf. So when I saw this idea on Pinterest I knew we had to give it a go. You can use anything small and round to make the marks with paint, q tips are a good option, but as we didn't have any, William used the other end of a paintbrush.

Handy dads

If your husband is a fixer or maker like mine, this is a fun little plaque to make for him. We glued some Popsicle sticks onto a piece of card. I wrote the message and let William decorate the plaque by gluing on some nuts and washers. We got ours from a shop in dragon mart (near mirdif, Dubai) but you can find them in any DIY shop, b and q etc. You could also just decorate with stickers and drawings.

If your husband isn't the DIY type, change the quote for whatever is applicable. Maybe he likes reading, you could cut out some paper to make into a little book to stick on. Sports fans may appreciate the Popsicle sticks being painted in their favourite teams colours.

When I grow up...

This is probably one of my favourite ideas. We dressed William up in some of my husbands work clothes, including one of the ties I have made him, and took some photos. We took them against a plain wall background but you could mix it up by photographing your little one doing something his dad does, maybe sat in his favourite chair, stood by the BBQ, pretending to drive his car... You get the idea.

I think it's so cute. I printed the photos onto a poster for him so he could put it up in his office at work. I stupidly left the file open on his laptop and he found it the next day. Argh! I thought I had been so careful to get rid of it all but alas obviously not! But he did say he actually enjoyed looking at it each time he went to his computer!


So that's what we've done this year. All simple things to make and fun for your little ones too. I saw some other great ideas on Pinterest too, like writing down all the things your little one likes or thinks about their dad, what they know about them. If I get a chance I will try this with William too.

If you would like more ideas, check out what we did last year...

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What are your little ones doing for Father's Day this year? Do share your ideas in the comments below!


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