Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Summer Bucket List

The summer has well and truely arrived here in Dubai! 45oc most days, no nice cool breeze, regular blasts of air conditioning. Its just for a short few months of the year and i would take this over rainy British days!
We have just made our trip back to England for our summer holiday break. We are splitting our time between both sets of grandparents in South and North Devon and my brother in Buckinghamshire this year. We have also planned a two week trip to Tuscany which i am getting more and more excited about!
So here are our plans for the summer, including a summer bucket list for William.

Most of the things on his list may seem kind of ordinary. When you live away from family, sometimes you just miss being able to do the ordinary things. So lots of playing with cousins, aunties and uncles. Tinkering in the garden or the garage with his Grandads. Maybe a trip to the cinema to watch the Minions movie.

So do you have plans for the summer? Are you lucky enough to be having a holiday? What is on your summer bucket list?


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