Sunday, 7 June 2015

The Hungry Caterpillar - Feeding caterpillar game

We love the hungry caterpillar! It's always been a favourite of ours since William was tiny. 

It's such a simple story, yet so cute and prompts counting and chatting about food. I had a shoe box lying around and came up with this idea to make with William. It was good fun and he loved doing the painting and sticking all the pieces on the box. Here's how we did it...

1) Cover an old box in plain paper. I used a roll of drawing paper we have from idea. Simple brown wrapping paper could do the trick. 

2) Use some brightly coloured paints to finger print over the whole box. You could also use stamps, sponges or just paint it using brushes.

3) Cut a hole near the top, a few inches down, for the mouth hole. I used a knife for this and found it easier and straighter than using scissors. You could do this step before covering the box if you think that's easier. 

4) Cut out the caterpillar body shapes out of paper or card. We only had space for 4 body circles and a head but you can have as many as you can fit on. Glue the shapes onto the body, making sure the head circle goes over the mouth hole you have cut out. I used my knife again to pierce the paper for the mouth hole and fold the paper edges into the hole. Hope that makes sense! I used some cello tape on the outside and inside to secure the paper at the mouth edges. 

5) I found the food pictures online and printed them out at a size I thought would fit through the hole. I cut them out and glued them onto some card, which William had painted the back of. I cut them out again and was left with food tokens with painted card backs.

It did take a while to do, lots of waiting for things to dry and William had to occupy himself for a while when I was cutting out the food cards. Once it was done, he loved playing with it. I would advise to cover the edges of the box inside with cellotape as William got a bit vigorous with it and ripped the paper inside. Not that it really matters, I'm going to do a repair job and hope with reinforcement it lasts longer! 

It's a great accessory to use while reading the book, William counted the fruits and put them in one by one as we read each page. This handmade game will be part of the present we are putting together for Louise, our fabulous library lady who leads the story and singing time at the library. I am a little gutted that we won't be able to go to the library much longer as soon William will be starting school and I will be heading off to work. 

So have a go! It's fiddly in places but lots of fun to make and for little ones to play with. If you do have a go, or have done something similar, please share your photo with me! 


  1. This is just adorable!! Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday. Could you please add the TwinklyTuesday badge or a link to this post or a linky page?

  2. I love this! What a fun idea.
    x Alice

  3. Brilliant idea :) thank you for sharing - might give this a whirl #TwinklyTuesdays

    1. Thank you! Im sure you willl enjoy doing it!


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