Saturday, 4 July 2015

Back to school - Letter Z

It's out last letter of the alphabet! I can't believe we've done the whole alphabet, time seems to be going so fast! Just in time really, as we now have the summer to enjoy before William starting school! 

Zingy zebra!

Bit of an obvious one, but fun none the less. A simple Z zebra collage. William enjoyed sticking on all the stripes I had prepared for him and the black yarn for hair! He is trying hard to copy letters these days, so wanted to go over the outline of the z too. I really think these little activities are helping to make him aware of the different letter shapes. 

Zig Zag races!

This was a big hit with William! He is definitely a car lover and has quite a collection of toy cars now. I often have one or two in my handbag to keep him entertained when we are out and about. William also likes doing "trails", as he calls them. Basically, following mazes, lines and shapes. The kind of thing you find in puzzle and sticker books, he always does them first. So this little game was a must for him. 

I used a long roll of paper to draw him a couple of zigzag lanes, and he also had a go at drawing some too. We then had zigzag races with his little toy cars. William had fun playing with the cars but also got some practice in of following the lines and pen control. 

Dear zoo

This must be a favourite book of many children. They often read it at the library story time and it always went down well! The last time our library lady read it, she gave out a sheet of pictures from the book for the children to match up. I kept it in the cupboard, especially for this letter of the week! 

We decided to make our own dear zoo book using the pictures. I cut them out for William and provided him with some paper for him to stick the animals on. We then talked about the different sized animals and matched the boxes to each one. We worked together at glueing them into the papers and I sewed the edge of them together to make them into a book. 

William also had a go at coping the letters for each animal. I wrote first in pencil and he went over them in pen. He was really good at this and i was surprised he kept going and did all of them! 

So there you have it! Our last letter of the week! I really think William has benefitted from these letter activities and it gave me a basis to go on and a theme for each week to give me ideas of things to do with him. I imagine come September we won't have have much time to do things like this but I am sure we will fit some in on our afternoons off together! 

Next week will be our last in this letter series, and I have a round up of some letter games to play. Simple activities and games you can quickly put together when you need something fun to do! So do pop back next week! 

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