Friday, 25 September 2015

Summer Time Catch Up

Appologies, it has taken me too long to sit down and catch up after our summer holidays. We had a fantastic break; escaped the tremendous heat of Dubai and headed for the UK. We spent quality time with family and friends and William had a blast!

I think we managed to tick off quite a few of the things from our Summer bucket list. Playing with gloop was the only one we didn't manage to fit in so I call that good going! Did you all have a good summer? I'd love to hear about it!

A few of the things on the list were achieved by our family adventure in Italy. We spent two weeks exploring Tuscany, staying in Rome, Florence and Venice. As and when I get time I will pop back with more detailed posts about our times there. The food, the sights... it was all gorgeous! After a long time away visiting people, it was so nice to have some time just the three of us before heading back to Dubai.

Once back in Dubai, life has been on full speed. We have lived here for two years now, with myself being a stay at home mum with William, while the husband went off to work to support us. This year is seeing some big changes. Firstly, William has started school. Eek! My little boy is growing up! Im not sure how I feel about this still. I am mostly happy as I can see how well he is getting on already, his teacher is amazing and so kind. William is loving every minute of it and its so nice to see him interacting with other people and really enjoying his time there. I too have stated back at school. I have returned to work as a teaching assistant in year 2, in the same school that William and my husband are at. Its been great so far and I a feel like I am getting back to being me and not just mummy all the time! It keeps us very busy, but I am only working three days a week for now so I still get some time at home.

Anyway, I better get on. We have an extra three days off school this work for Eid celebrations so we are enjoying some quiet time at home. The husband has been off in Singapore for 11 days on a school trip so we are enjoying having him back.

I have also been working on a few sewing projects so will come back to show you those soon!


  1. Loved the bucket list! It's impressive that you managed all but one!

  2. I can't wait to hear more about your trip to Italy over the summer. We just returned from a quick weekend in Rome and I am hoping next time we can visit Florence and Venice. Congrats to working again! So neat that you all are at the same school!!


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