Friday, 2 October 2015

Creative Corner: Baby burping cloths

I seem to be in a time of my life where I know a lot of people having babies. Its such an exciting time and lets face it, although I don't need much of an excuse to get crafty.. its a pretty good one.

So this summer when travelling back to the UK, I had two very close friends to see who had had babies. It was great to meet their little bundles, one of which is a very long awaited niece of mine! I had already made them a crochet blanket each but wanted to make them a little something extra.

So out came the sewing machine and these baby burping cloths and matching bibs were made. I personally love this balloon and birds fabric. I found it in a shop in Satwa here in Dubai.  So if you'd like to have a go at making these yourself, here are the quick and easy instructions!

You will need
Plain muslin cloths. (I found mine in a supermarket here in Dubai, you can buy them fairly cheaply online or in baby shops.)
Printed cotton fabric. (I head to Satwa, Dubai for my fabrics. They are usually around 12 aed per yard, that's just 2 quid!)
Sewing machine
Burping Cloths
1. Begin by folding your muslin cloth into three. I then iron it flat like this. Take the measurements you need for the middle section. Add 2cm to each measurement, this will allow for a 1cm seam allowance all the way round.
2. Cut out the printed fabric to the size required.
3. Fold over edge raw edge of the printed fabric by 1cm. I used the iron to press the edges over as it helped to keep them in place for sewing. Place the fabric on top of your muslin cloth, just to check it fits well. The muslin cloths I bought were not always perfectly straight so I sometimes needed to adjust the printed fabric to fit.
4. Pin the printed fabric onto the muslin cloth so that it fits nicely down the centre of the cloth. Sew in place.
It is just that simple! Once you are done, you have a gorgeous personalised gift for expecting mothers. I was given some of these by my mother in law when I had my son William and I absolutely loved them. Its especially nice when you can choose prints that fit in with their chosen nursery theme or favourite cartoon characters or colours. I had some fab Hungry Caterpillar and Pirate themed ones.

Bandana Bibs
To create matching bandana bibs is good fun. They will be used ALOT as babies begin teething and weaning. They are great for protecting little ones clothes from messes and look super cute on too! They are still easy to make, but do require a little more effort.
1. Have a look at this template I created here. Either print it out or recreate your own using the measurements. The measurements include a 1cm seam allowance.

2. Iron out any creases in your printed fabric and your cotton muslin. Use the template to cut out one bandana bib shape each from the muslin and the printed fabric. Bare in mind that some of the muslin fabrics can fray very quickly once cut, so try to do the next staged fairly quickly, with minimal handling of the fabric.
3. Place the two fabric pieces with right sides together, ie. inside out. Pin around the edges to keep them in place and sew around with a 1cm seam allowance. Make sure you leave a gap of roughly 7cm on one of the sides so that you can turn the fabric through.
4. Turn the fabric through your gap so that you have the right sides facing you now. You may need to put your fingers right inside to push the corners out nicely. Iron the bandana flat.
5. Top stitch the bandana bib all the way around, just a few mm from the edge. This will reinforce your stitching and close up the gap you left.
6. Cut out a small square of Velcro that will fit on the ends of the bib. Pin and sew each square on, making sure they are on opposite sides of the fabric so they do up nicely once placed around babies neck. So one piece will be sewn on the printed fabric side and the other piece will be sewn on the muslin side.
Voila! You are done. Once you have made one, you will want to make more and more! They are kind of addictive! I try to make a few at a time, and then I have a little stash ready for when babies come along.
I hope this has inspired you to have a go at making your own personalised bandana bibs and burping cloths. I would love to see them if you have a go, so please do send me a photo! Either leave it in the comments below or email them to me at

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