Monday, 5 October 2015

Mummy's Me Time

What do you do with your ME time???


And... breathe!..... The apartment is quiet. I'm all alone. I have my laptop set up, with a coffee by my side. It's a good Monday morning!

This September my son started school and I started my part time job. Since then, our weekdays have been a bit manic. Between school runs, working, making pack lunches,  making two separate dinners every night, washing, cleaning, crocheting orders... It's great, but its busy!

So the two mornings a week that I have to myself, I need to make the most of. So far, food shopping and cleaning keeps getting in the way. But here's my top things that cheer me up, and make me feel fresh again when I get a bit of "Me Time".

1. Get Pampered.

I'm not talking day at the spa kind of pampered, although I wouldn't say no to that! No, I'm more realistic. I'm talking, I've got an hour before I need to leave for the school run so out comes the coconut oil for a hair mask, bicarb and coconut oil for a face scrubbing or foot scrub. Not only do these things make me feel better, they help freshen up my skin and give a deep condition to my hair too.

For ideas and recipes for homemade beauty products and treatments, have a little gander at my Pinterest board here.

2. TV Guilty pleasures.

Curling up on the couch in my pyjamas, with a coffee and some biscuits, watching last nights Downton Abbey. Need I say more? Ok.. well.. lets try some X Factor, TV Drama like 'Dr Foster', returning to high school with 'Pretty Little Liars' or swooning over teenage vampires (played by 30 year olds so its ok) from 'The Vampire Diaries'. Basically, anything the husband hates watching.

3. Go back to Bed.

Before my husband pipes up at this one... yes its great to go back to bed to catch some more zzz's once the boys have left for school, but its also just really nice to take 10/20/30 minutes to eat breakfast in bed, catch up on Facebook or blog reading.

Check out this round up of amazing looking Delicious Coffee recipes to make at home.

4. Exercise.

I am so not one for exercising! I will find any excuse not to do it, and as a result, I am totally unfit. One of my excuses for the past two years is that I never had time. I had my son to look after all day and come the evenings when the husband was home, I had dinner to cook and just didn't feel like it! So now I am trying hard to get motivated and to spend some time on my mornings off doing some kind of exercise. So far I've been for walks and done a some toning workouts at home. The weather in the mornings here in Dubai at the moment are lovely. Check out the photo above that i took yesterday! Gorgeous foggy morning! My miniscule abs are aching, and I get a stitch if I even think about raising my pace to a slow jog at the moment but every little helps!

5. Get Organised.

This one might sound a bit sad. But I am kinda sad sometimes. I hate things being untidy, I need a list for everything, I don't like clutter. So to spend a bit of time cleaning and sorting cupboards, making a dinner menu plan for the week, jotting down potential blog posts, or even cleaning the fridge out makes me feel like I have accomplished something with my time. I love walking back into the apartment after work knowing that its tidy and that I have a plan for things to get on with.

So there you have it. That's what I get up to when I have some 'Me Time'. How about you? I'd love to hear! Maybe I am missing something! So please share.

Right, i'm off... I've got the rest of x factor to watch before the washing machine finishes!

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