Monday, 5 October 2015

What age would you wish to stay forever?

If you could stay a certain age forever, what would it be?

My husband and I wonder this quite a lot. With my birthday coming up next month and only one year left of being in my twenties, I've been thinking. Have I had the best year of my life? Or is it still to come?

So school years are fun... no responsibilities, learning new things, all your time outside of school can be spent messing about with friends and creating relationships that may last a life time. But then there is also homework, GCSE's, no money, relying on parents for lifts everywhere. Nah... no thanks.

I enjoyed the years after I left college. I got my first full time job. I had some cash, worked hard to save for my own car so I could go where I wanted, when I wanted. Not really many responsibilities still as I lived at home with a very supportive mother who did all the washing and cooking. But apprenticeship wages, and no room for promotion within my job was always hanging over me. I didn't feel challenged.

I moved onto another job, aged 20, where I met my husband to be. Two years later we got married, set up our own home and were happy in our jobs. My husband got a promotion. I took part in every training opportunity that came up at work and took on another role too. I was growing more confident in myself and what I could do. I started working from home in my spare time, making bespoke wedding and bridesmaid dresses. Using skills I had learnt in school. My husband and I began travelling and enjoying amazing holidays together, our relationship still young and exciting.

In 2009, we realised something was missing. At aged 25, I became pregnant and we had our amazing little boy William. We became parents. Our focus was on him, this tiny thing that needed everything from us. I think becoming a parent does change you, but definitely for the better!

Just before turning 27, we moved our little family to another country, Dubai. Completely different to anything we had experience before. And so began another adventure! My career took a back seat to settling in our family to this new life. Making friends, discovering our new city and setting up a new home from scratch.

Two years on, life has changed again! I am back to work part time, William has started school. We are settled in Dubai, happy and loving life here. Life is hectic, we have big responsibilities, paying bills, working hard and building careers. As well as caring for our son, educating him and creating fantastic family memories.

 So what age would I want to be forever? Maybe 27, 28. But at this rate, maybe I haven't reached that golden age that I want to be forever yet. I guess you never know, until you have experienced it and its long gone. When you can look back at your past, with all those memories, and pin point the best time.

What do you think? Could you decide what age you wish you could be forever? I would love to hear... and your reasons behind it too!

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