Friday, 1 January 2016

Creative Corner: Crochet Unicorn Hat

I was recently asked if I could make a very special hat for a lady's daughter. I've made tons of hats before, but this one was super cool! After I finished making the first one, she was so pleased that she ordered another two for her other children!

The pattern can be found here at Repeat Crafter Me. Its very easy to follow and has some lovely photos!

There seems to be a craze over unicorns at the moment! I made this crochet unicorn a few months ago and everyone seems to love it!

It doesn't end there! I also have a unicorn lovey to make this week. Laura over at Life with baby kicks, ran a competition to win one of my custom made crochet loveys. The lucky winner was another Laura, who has chosen a unicorn as her special lovey character.

My crochet hook seemed to be working on overdrive just before Christmas! I had quite a few new projects and patterns to try, including a TOP SECRET one! (how exciting! I promise I will show you as soon as I am allowed!)

Have you been up to anything creative lately? Please show me! I'd love to see!

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